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Born and raised in Sarasota this is one of the Best places to eat. I Love this place and the owners


- Clark

Best burgers in town!

- Ron

Great Food!! My fave—Hot Italian with Jalepeneos
fun music at the open mics, and Diggity Dave and the Footlongs are rocking.

- Tom

I asked for a bacon cheese burger w/mayo. Dave deep fried the bacon!! Love this place!!

- Sully

Hot diggity is terrific…
try the chili dogs…burgers….steak sandwiches…chicken salad and all kinds of sandwiches……robert is friendly and funny

- Michelle

Their food is great…best chilli dogs…burgers ….fry’s …onion rings…..bob is awsome and makes the best food

- julie

I love the Chicago dogs and the beef and cheese sandwich. Yummy! Dave is so friendly and entertaining.

- Laurie

All the food is great and made just how you order it. The personal service makes you feel right at home.

- Steve

Diggity Dave’s chili dogs put any other chili dogs to shame. It is a defining moment in our generation’s food history.

- Tyler

Hot Diggity Dog makes the best chicken salad sandwich that I’ve ever had. Good prices, good people, good food!

- Mitchel